FINALLY! A way to live with a sore back!

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Back problems can be very frustrating. Apart from the discomfort itself restricting you in your daily activities, it can also get you down, make you depressed, and prevent you from doing the things you love.

If left untreated your low back problem could even get worse and become permanent.

You may have seen many doctors or sought various treatments, but still your struggle is real.

So what is the answer? What can YOU do?

You can see if you're covered under your insurance

The answer may be with Relieving Back Support Belts.

Here are two solutions to helping you manage your back discomfort, and allow you to function better.

The Endeavor Universal LSO and The LifeBack

Both offer the wearer increased mobility and support, allowing the user to go about their daily lives.

Many have found great comfort in these belts. Can they help you too?

Did you know your insurance may cover this?


This is what these relieving back support belts can do for you:

  • May significantly reduce your low back discomfort without drugs or surgery
  • Provides support for aching muscles that may be associated with your low back discomfort
  • May reduce low back stress

If medically necessary, these Relieving Back Supports may even be covered by your major medical health care insurance.

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Durable Construction

  • The Endeavor Line is crafted from high-quality soft goods, giving patients optimum compression and support while remaining lightweight and comfortable.

Multiple Levels of Customization

  • Endeavor LSOs are designed to give a true custom fit, allowing patients and practitioners to adjust everything from the belt circumference to panel height, as well as specific area and frequency to which compression is applied.

Cost Effective

  • The Endeavor’s universal design fits most patients with ease, drastically reducing ordering costs by eliminating the need to keep several sizes in stock.

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  • The LifeBack is a revolutionary lumbar support targeting the L-4, L-5, S-1 area of the spine
  • Helps relieve lower back discomfort and/or injuries
  • Proven 100% effective according to the OSHA/USF Training Institute
  • Lightweight design can be worn underneath clothing
  • Provides lumbar spine stability without restricting functionality
  • Helps improve posture
  • FDA Registered
  • Medicare Approved
  • Patented
  • One Size Fits Most

Don't forget, your insurance may cover this


…and they help me get through my day [Relieving Back Belts], depending on what task or chore I am doing depends on the belt that I wear. I am really, really happy to have them, because without them, I wouldn’t be able to do half the things that I do.”

…it helps hold everything together, and it helps take tension off of your shoulders, and other than that, it feels pretty good to wear it.”

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