Meet Dr. Scott Coletti, DC

A Firsthand Experience with Chiropractic

All of the kids on the baseball team, including Dr. Coletti, DC, were seeing the Chiropractor and receiving natural manipulative care. This experience gave him a firm foundation of chiropractic, an openness  to a more Natural way of accomplishing results and intrigued him to learn more.

Growing up with a mentality of healing naturally, Dr. Scott Coletti, DC rarely took medications. He believed that when it came to health, less was more. This philosophy aligned with chiropractic care as a means of natural healing without the use of drugs or surgery.

Once he graduated with his undergraduate degree, he called a friend who was a few years older that was in chiropractic college. After talking to him, he gravitated toward chiropractic college and hasn’t looked back since.

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Becoming a Believer

Dr. Scott Coletti, DC chose to attend Life University in Marietta, GA. He still remembers a time during his residency in Marietta when he was delivering newspapers early in the morning. One customer had a nine-year-old daughter who wasn’t able to control her bladder, had to wear diapers and had been to every physician or specialist they could think of.

Dr. Scott Coletti, DC recommended that she and her daughter visit him for care. They arrived, desperate for anything to help. After just three treatments, he was able to align the girl’s spine and lower back that helped her regain control of her nerves.

It gave me goose flesh – that was the turning moment of my life when I realized that maybe chiropractic actually does work.
Dr. Coletti, DC

A Father and a Coach

Dr. Scott Coletti, DC is an avid golfer and is passionate about personal development books. As a strong Catholic, faith is extraordinarily important to him. With one daughter and three sons, he stays busy coaching his children’s Little League and flag football teams.

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