calling Our ‘BAby boomer’ Patients in pasco county!

Are YOU suffering from back discomfort day after day?

BACK discomfort

Back discomfort is frustrating. It sucks, it leaves you exhausted, in pain and lacking interest in life.

The days of being active and fit seem a long time ago, and impossible to get back.

What can you do? How can you get to be happy and free again?

The answer could be easier than you think!

Read on…

Or Enter Your Info and One of Our Staff Will Contact You to with More Information and to Check Your Eligibility

Our ‘Baby Boomer’ patients in Pasco County and surrounding areas could be eligible for a back brace. These braces provide support to the wearer, giving their muscles a chance to rest while the brace takes over. This allows for better healing, and relief from that horrible discomfort.

These back braces are normally expensive, but if you could be eligible to receive a back brace for little to no cost.

Imagine that, relief from your discomfort for next to nothing!

Do you want to see if you qualify? Of course you do and it’s very simple to do. Give us a call now, and our friendly, informative staff will take you through this simple process and handle everything for you. We do the paperwork, we do the checking, and we will get the belt to you.

in just three easy steps

how to get your low cost back brace

Are You On Medicare?

Do you carry the red, white and blue card? If so, then you are probably on Medicare!

Do you have back discomfort?

Well, this is the reason you need one, isn’t it? Would you like to receive a brace to help your discomfort?

Call Us now!

Don’t delay any further. Call us now and we can check your eligibility to get one of these braces for next to nothing! 727 372 0091

What our patients say

We have already helped many people secure their back braces. Let us help you too.

Call us now 727 372 0091 and let us help you get out of pain.

…and they help me get through my day [Pain Relieving Back Belts], depending on what task or chore I am doing depends on the belt that I wear. I am really, really happy to have them, because without them, I wouldn’t be able to do half the things that I do.”

…it helps hold everything together, and it helps take tension off of your shoulders, and other than that, it feels pretty good to wear it.”

Bonus FREE ebook on managing your DISCOMFORT

While you're waiting for your brace, why don't you find out how you can
manage your problem by downloading our FREE back and neck discomfort guide?



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