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At our New Port Richey Chiropractic Clinic

Get out of pain fast with our chiropractic care. Utilizing proven chiropractic treatments along with our Manipuflex(R) procedure, we have been helping people get out of pain for years.

With over 60 years of combined experience, we treat our patients with care and provide them with the relief they deserve.

Walk ins welcome, we can also provide services for auto accident victims and treat patients using cold laser therapy along with our Cold Laser Protocols(R).

Insurance accepted. Call now or simply walk in.


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Chiropractic Care
The term chiropractic essentially means ‘done by hand.’ The word chiro translates into hand, while the Greek word prakitos means to do. And that essentially is what chiropractic care is. As your chiropractor, we will perform adjustments by hand on your back and neck to help relieve your pain and to keep your spine aligned properly.

We use several chiropractic techniques including the Activator Method(R), Cox Flex Distraction, Diversified, and our own registered Manupiflex(R) treatment.

When you come in to see us, we will evaluate you and listen to your concerns and then work with you to ensure the best possible treatment for you.

Can You Help Auto Accident Victims?
Absolutely, yes. One of our core services is helping auto accident victims overcome the effects of whiplash and ensuring they heal correctly.

It’s important to get treated quickly following an accident because firstly, it gives you the best chance of resolving issues when they are in their infancy. It’s generally tougher to heal the longer the condition goes on. Moreover, we can provide guidance regarding appropriate documentation relating to any insurance claim.

What is Cold Laser Therapy?
Cold laser therapy is another type of pain relieving tool we have been using for several years. It’s particularly good for joint pain, arthritis sufferers and soft tissue injuries.

It is non invasive, non drug and offers little to no contraindications. We are simply using the power of light at appropriate settings (protocols) to the afflicted area based on a variety of factors including age, skin type and amount of pain.

We have become so successful in this treatment that we have developed a software package (Cold Laser Protocols) that we are offering to doctors worldwide to apply to their patients that contains the hundreds of protocols depending on patient condition. Using this, we are able to get patients out of pain consistently and effectively.

Why not try it yourself?

Do You Accept Insurance?
We accept most insurance. Give us a call ahead of time and we can verify.
When Are You Open and Do I Need to Make an Appointment?

Our chiropractic office is open here in New Port Richey four days a week 8am to 7pm.

Each day we close for lunch between 1 and 2.


5633 State Rd 54
New Port RicheyFL 34652


MW – 8am to 1pm & 2pm to 7pm
TTh – 8am to 1pm & 2pm to 7pm

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  • Radiculitis: Pain can be burning, tingling, or searing. Begins in the neck or upper back and travels down either arm. Can be sporadic or constant, and may be incapacitating.
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